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Health Nexus Website policies

External links from our websites

Health Nexus generally links to its partners' websites.

Consideration for Inclusion

We may consider linking to a site in any of the following situations:

  • the site is for a non-profit Ontario based health promotion related organization;
  • the site is for a government, government program, or government department that provides services or information of interest to prevention and health promotion practitioners;
  • the site is for a public educational institution (public school, college, university etc.);
  • the site is for an institution offering public services, generally at no charge (libraries, museums, etc.);
  • the site is for an organization whose activities may affect health promoters (social development councils, public health services, community health centres, foundations, etc.); and
  • the site offers, at no charge, a substantial amount of content that our site's visitors may find useful (e.g. a site that offers extensive community health promotion resources, research and interactive features).


We will generally exclude a site from consideration in any of the following situations:

  • the site matches none of the inclusion criteria listed above;
  • the site is for a for-profit company;
  • the site charges visitors a fee to use some or all of its online services;
  • the site requires visitors to provide personal details before accessing the site's content, where such information is not necessary to content provision;
  • the site exists primarily to advertise or promote fee-based services of any kind; or
  • the site provides information we conclude would be of little use to communities, health promotion practitioners, or community health workers.

In all cases, linking to any site shall be at the sole discretion of Health Nexus.

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