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Resources on Inclusion

Ontario Inclusion Learning Network

OILN is developing capacity to use inclusion approaches in the following areas: research, policy/program/organizational development, communication and promotion, and evaluation.

Their report Inclusion: A New Approach to Public Health Practice is available for download in English and in French.

Ontario Women's Health Network

OWHN has a report (PDF) and literature review (PDF) available from their Count Us In - Inclusion and Homeless Women in Downtown East Toronto project.


EuroHealthNet has published two reports, through a project on"Tackling Health Inequalities and Social Exclusion in Europe". They aim to raise awareness amongst policy makers and practitioners of the significant contribution that the health sector can make to social inclusion, and to provide them with new ideas and inspiration on how to tackle social exclusion.

The first report, entitled "Promoting Social Inclusion and Tackling Health Inequalities in Europe - An overview of Good Practices from the Health Field" (links to a PDF), presents 52 good practices from across the European Union that illustrate how the health promotion sector can foster social inclusion. The second report, "The role of the Health Care sector in Tackling Poverty and Social Exclusion in Europe" (links to a PDF), produced by the European Health Management Association (EHMA), is a literature review that analyses, amongst other things, the barriers to accessing health care and health care financing in relation to poverty.

A French study was released on the same issues and both reports' conclusions are similar regarding health care access inequalities.

An Inclusion Lens

An Inclusion Lens: Workbook for Looking at Social and Economic Exclusion and Inclusion

A tool for analyzing legislation, policies, programs and practices to determine whether they promote the social and economic inclusion of individuals, families, and communities. By Malcolm Shookner.

Closing the Distance

Closing the Distance: a social and economic inclusion initiative

Community Voices, Perspectives and Priorities

Inclusive Cities Canada: A Cross-Canada Civic Initiative is a unique partnership of community leaders and elected municipal politicians working collaboratively to enhance social inclusion across Canada.5 city reports assessing the key dimensions of social inclusion (ie. how the city responds to diversity, levels of civic engagement, living conditions, opportunities for human development and adequacy of community services)

Reports from the Toronto Alternative Planning Group
This unique collaboration of four major planning organizations representing four of the most  populous ethnic communities in the City of Toronto, has itself become an example of reconceptualizing social planning in the changing environment that defines the new megacity.

The Laidlaw Resources page An excellent literature review by Pedro Barata in another Laidlaw page called Social Inclusion Policy and Research Papers. It's the last one on the list. Another list - think it's also on the Laidlaw page.

Social Inclusion as a Determinant of Health: Population Health Approach

HTML version
PDF version

Social inclusion/exclusion: dancing the dialectic

Social inclusion/exclusion: dancing the dialectic. Ronald Labonte - HEALTH PROMOTION INTERNATIONAL, vol. 19, no.1, Oxford University Press, 2004.

Social Inclusion and Community Economic Development

Social Inclusion and Community Economic Development (PDF) - A literature review by Michael Toye and Jennifer Infanti (August 2004)

Making the Case for Social and Economic Inclusion

Making the Case for Social and Economic Inclusion by Janet Guildford. A paper and annotated bibliography to examine the history of social inclusion policy in Europe and its implications for Atlantic Canada.

Social inclusion, citizenship and diversity

Social inclusion, citizenship and diversity by Anver Saloojee

Inclusive Community Organizations: A Tool Kit

Inclusive Community Organizations: A Tool Kit

Social Inclusion and Diversity: Fries or Stir-Fry

Social Inclusion and Diversity: Fries or Stir-Fry by Jean Lock Kunz

Inclusion & Representation in the Voluntary Sector

Inclusion & Representation in the Voluntary Sector - links from the Non-Profit & Voluntary Sector Network.

Rethinking the very essence of social inclusion and things private

Rethinking the very essence of social inclusion and things private (264K PDF) by Daniel Drache. A publication of the Robarts Centre for Canadian Studies.


From September 2005 to March 2006, OPC (now Health Nexus), along with partners/colleagues, designed and hosted forums across Ontario to bring together people from a range of sectors to listen and learn. We strengthened our collective understanding of what it means to change health through meaningful inclusion, to plan for a strong, healthy future. The forums provided stepping stones to new collaborations, knowledge and actions that support inclusion as a way to improve the health of our communities.





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